Wardrobe Change


I don’t know about you, but occasionally I like to go through my closet and give it a good clean. My general rule of thumb is this; if it hasn’t been worn in 1 year…its a goner! It hasn’t always been that way. The hoarder in me – don’t judge, because there’s a little bit of one in us all – was always whispering, “But what if something comes up and you need it, you won’t have it. Just hang on to it.”

Recently I listened to a message on The Ring and The Robe, by Pastor Joel Scrivner from Covenant Church – McKinney Campus, and my spirit started soaring. I mean it lifted off my heart so hard I thought I was going to jolt out of my seat.

The Spirit knows how to get my attention…jewelry and clothes! Then to hit me with an answer to a prayer that I have echoed for several years now.

“Father, I want my prayers to shake heaven.”

I always knew we had been given authority and power through the name of Jesus, because in John 14:12 Jesus said,

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me,
the works that I do he will do also;
and greater works than these he will do,
because I go to My Father.”

My problem…lack of confidence! And because Pastor Joel mentioned it in his sermon that  must mean I’m not the only one with a confidence problem.

Its not a lack of faith problem or unbelief problem. Its confidence. And confidence only comes when we know who we are in Christ!

We need to recognize that when we took on the name of Jesus we became a part of His family business. He gave us His name, which ushers in all His character and authority and He also provided us with a uniform. He placed a ring on our finger to symbolize our authority in the Kingdom and a robe upon our shoulders that shows we are in right standing with God.

This wardrobe exchange means we are known in heaven and on earth. It shows we have the authority to ask and every reason to believe we will see it happen (John 14:13-14, Mark 11:23). But it also carries a responsibility to remember how we are clothed.

The Ring

When we make the exchange we are to carry ourselves differently. We need to remember Who we represent and not let ourselves be so well-adjusted to our culture that we fit into it without even thinking. This exchange will bring the best out of us, developing a well-formed maturity in us (Romans 12:2).

So how do we become more confident? It is going to require more time!

More time in the Word.
More time at His feet.
More time praying.
More time practicing.

We will never see the exchange in action if we don’t ever practice with what we have been given. We will never experience “the greater things than these” if we don’t offer the world what Christ has clothed us in.

We are in a time where the world NEEDS to see us walk in our new outfit. More than ever the world NEEDS to see us loving people right where they are. The world NEEDS to recognize there is a Power and Authority with the answers to all their hurting and pain. It NEEDS to see Jesus on us.

So this morning I am cleaning out my spiritual closet and getting rid of anything that is going to cheapen the outfit Christ has bought for me to wear. Regardless of how long its been hanging in the closet.

  1. Joyce Stokes-Kilpatrick

    February 3, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    All of then are so great I can’t pick just one.
    Love your work.

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