Three Little Words…


I have tried several different times to write about these three words…




At the end of every year I get words that speak to me throughout the coming year. Perspective, shake and gamble must be my words for 2014. I see and hear them every time I turn around.

Do you think I could have been a little hesitant about letting them into my life? It is the middle of April and I am just now writing about it…hum!

In the past I have not had words that made me as uneasy as these did in the beginning.  I mean, shaking…can’t be a good thing? Can it!?!

Gambling makes my palms sweat because I don’t like unnecessarily giving things away by chance. (Just ask Mr. Wonderful…he hates taking me to Las Vegas. I think “buzz kill” are the words he uses!)

And as far as perspective – although not as scary – it does indicate I might need to look at things differently. Remember, I am over 50 (barely) so some habits are hard to break.

As I began pressing in to these words and asking Father what He was trying to show me, the words began to feel more personal and at home in my spirit.

“Shake” by Mercy Me has become my anthem for 2014. I love how this song just came into my life and gave me a true understanding of Father’s definition of this word for me. The first time I heard it on the radio I had to pull over. Talk about an attention getter…

You gotta shake, shake, shake

Like you’re changed, changed, changed

Brand new looks so good on you

So shake like you’ve been changed

So shake.. shake like you’re changed!

And just recently I read this,

“Any old way of thinking or wrong perception of God is an old wineskin that will burst and cause a mess.”  John Belt

It seems my old perspective must give way to this NEW Father is wanting to work in me.

All of these words, including gamble, speak of a new way of looking at Jesus, myself, life and those around me.

It is a challenge for me to break free of a stagnate way of looking at and living life.  Although they say it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I believe it’s all in the “want to”!

Even though these words may have started out invoking a little uncertainty (and still a little fear – especially gamble), I now have fully embraced this new outlook they have provided and I find myself in a place of desperate “want to”.

I “want to” shake like I’ve been changed, because NEW; not only looks good, but feels good too. If Father is doing a new thing in me then I “want to” have a new perspective about Who He is, what He’s doing and where He’s going to take me.

Which leaves me no choice but to throw caution to the wind and go all in.

It’s a risk!

It’s a gamble!

But what have I got to loose!


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