The Re’s of Life


I am in the process of re-inventing relationship with my dad. Since the onset of his dementia I am walking through a season of re-growth with him. (Read more about that here.)


We are having to re-create and re-define how we interact with one another. Although he still knows I am his daughter, my name isn’t so easily re-called.

His past memories seem to be occupying more of his mind lately, so we stroll down memory lane a lot. I have learned to find the joy in that because he seems to recollect memories that bring a smile to his face and twinkle to his eye.

I also have learned to embrace those moments when his mind allows me a faint glimpse of the man I know and remember.

Those times engulf me like a big hug.

One such hug was a day I found my dad sitting at a table with a group of people playing dominoes.

When he saw me walk in he said “hi” with a big smile and introduced me to the group. “This is my daughter, Stacy. Do you mind if she joins us?”

I sat down next to him and he proceeded to kick all our butts…in dominoes!

And he knew it!

I have never been so happy to lose.

This day was such a reminder to me on how important it is to feel remembered, known, and cherished.

It was such a beautiful picture of how Jesus greets us every time we come to the table to sit with Him.

The only difference…

He re-positions us to win every time. (1 Cor. 15:57, 1 John 5:4)

RE is defined…again, or again, and again. Which indicates to me it is an active and continual process.



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