The Apple of His Eye


Here is Day 4 of the Diamonds in a Day writing challenge. For more on what this is all about and to check out previous posts click here.

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This has become one of my favorite prayers of David in the Psalms. “Keep me as the apple of Your eye;” (17:8a)

I love the thought of being the apple of God’s eye. To me that means he looks on me with a great love that could never be expressed with words. Wikipedia defines the expression as, “the person of whom one is extremely fond, favorite, loving”.

As I read David’s prayer I wondered what that would look like to me. How I would know or recognize that look and how it would make me feel.

Often times, God answers my little hidden questions through experiences or circumstances in my day. Today was one of those days where He dropped me a gem from heaven.

Although I visit my Dad regularly throughout the week his disease (more on that here) doesn’t always let him remember those visits.

We will sometimes have to go over my name, who I’m married to, how I’m related to my daughters or where I stay when I visit; but once his brain fires off a signal that I am Stacy his eyes greet me with such joy and love. It is a twinkle…seriously.

My dad was never an affectionate man really. Passing out hugs and “I love you” visited only briefly during holidays or special occasions. But in that twinkle I can see all the love he feels for me – that was never expressed before.

I don’t really know how long I will be granted this privilege, because this new life partner (vascular dementia) doesn’t really play fair.  So until this playing piece is pulled off the game board I will cherish that twinkle as a Diamond in my day.

And I can honestly say that I have felt and experienced being the “apple” of my heavenly Father’s eye through that twinkle.


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  1. I LOVE this! It is easy to forget at times that we are the apple of our Heavenly Father’s eye. I know how you must treasure those momentary twinkles from your Dad <3

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