What Are You Looking At?

It was still pretty warm outside and I was dressed in my latest and greatest outfit. It wasn’t often this small town girl got a complete new set of clothes. I can still vividly see the blues and greens and yellows of this new set […]

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Discouragement Happens!

I woke up this morning charged and ready to meet my day head on! I began by being intentional with my time: reading and using my brain power to study for my latest project. Fingers flying across the keyboard, a pencil at the ready to […]

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Pen Work…

My dad was a man of few words. He was a cowboy, so life lessons were taught through everyday situations. Whatever you were doing…saddling a horse, feeding livestock or driving down the road, there was usually a life lesson in what was being done. Sadly, […]

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The LESSONS of a Cowboy

  As Father’s day weekend approaches I find myself thinking more and more about my dad and the impact he had on my life. This Father’s day will be like swallowing a bitter pill because I lost him a little over 8 months ago. These past […]

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