Who Do I Say I Am?

YHVH (Yaweh) is the most sacred name of God, I AM! When God sent Moses to the Israelites he said to tell them “I Am” sent him. What a great and mighty name, yet we use it all the time and don’t even acknowledge or recognize we are using the name of Father. When I […]

Clean Air

My brother just recently retired after a lifelong career as a captain for USAir. Due to scheduling conflicts and a cash flow issue, I was not able to attend the official retirement party they held for him. I really didn’t want to miss out on celebrating this milestone in his life, so I decided to surprise him during […]

bloom strong

Bloom Strong

I received this card from a dear friend and was so inspired by its simple message that I framed it. Those two little words bring a smile to my face and encourage me to continue blooming. As April came to an end and I read this familiar phrase, I asked myself if there was anything about me […]


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