Who Do I Say I Am?

YHVH (Yaweh) is the most sacred name of God, I AM! When God sent Moses to the Israelites he said to tell them “I Am” sent him. What a great and mighty name, yet we use it all the time and don’t even acknowledge or recognize we are using the name of Father. When I […]

Shine and Flavor

The world is changing. People are exploring new ways to live and experience life. Values and ideals are more readily expressed and wind through our lives like never before. We no longer live in a time when we are not exposed to the beliefs, ideologies, opinions and some times hatred of others.

bloom strong

Bloom Strong

I received this card from a dear friend and was so inspired by its simple message that I framed it. Those two little words bring a smile to my face and encourage me to continue blooming. As April came to an end and I read this familiar phrase, I asked myself if there was anything about me […]


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