Un-Mined Jewels

As I pulled up to the quaint little chapel my heart was beating rapidly and I started my deep breathing…just so I could get out of my car. The environment that surrounded me wasn’t ominous at all, it was just the uncertainty of what was waiting inside that was causing such trepidation. I quietly prayed, […]

The Mayfly and The Spider

When I opened the blinds to let in the fleeting sunshine of the day this is picture that greeted me. A huge spider web with a spider sitting in the middle of it and a Mayfly fluttering desperately at the glass pain. I stood and watched this little dance for a few minutes. As I […]


Over the past several weeks – that have turned into months – I have found myself struggling to find the right words to share. My senses and emotions are on overload! Things around me are starting to bring a pain into my heart like I have never felt before.


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