Sweet Fellowship


In trying to find a way to Staying Stacy, I have definitely neglected some things, let some things fall away, tried new things and even thrown a few things away (ripped them up, shattered them, buried them, burned them – whatever it took). But today, I discovered something I just completely forgot about making a priority.

It was a definite Diamond in my Day…Sweet Fellowship!

Because we have been touring Texas for the past few years I have become somewhat of a recluse. We never really stayed in one place long enough to settle down and make real connections so I just holed myself up and didn’t really allow myself the opportunity to meet new people. I believe relationships are important and necessary, but they should be nurtured and given the importance they deserve. So with that said, I just didn’t get involved. (I know there are several flaws with this way of thinking, but I can’t go back – I just have to move forward.)

Now that we have a permanent home I have had this longing in me for community. Here is the definition of that word that resonates within my soul… a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

I have found that once you start the process of isolation it becomes increasingly hard to get yourself back out there again. Things are unfamiliar, surroundings have changed, you have changed and the fear of having to start over becomes harder to ignore. After several long agonizing hours of running through excuses as to why I shouldn’t – I made a decision to get myself out there again.

The church Mr. Wonderful and I have visited a few times announced they would be starting a women’s Bible study group. I am happy to announce sweet success! I attended yesterday and that is when I realized the value of this diamond – Fellowship!

I recognized I am wired to connect with other women. The sweet fellowship of these women brought a pep in my step and allowed my heart to sing a new song. It was the perfect beginning to Spring for me. This fellowship threw open the windows to my soul and began airing out the cobwebs. It allowed the aroma of spring flowers to waft through me so that things became a little clearer and brighter. The fear that had darkened my heart became less looming and more of a shadow. I know I still have some things to work through, but we must take our successes when we can and build from there.

My encouragement for you in all of this is to NOT neglect fellowship. Put yourself out there. You have something to offer that someone else so desperately needs.

Fellowship is a diamond so desperately needed in our lives today.

1 John 1:7, “But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”



2 thoughts on “Sweet Fellowship

  1. Your words today were like a fresh fragrant breeze. Light and soothing. You are the kind of precious jewel of a person that comes along to stand beside when great things are about to happen. This bible study has been my hearts desire for a long time. Funny how I woke up this morning in doubt. Should we continue. Is our group meeting a need.
    And then…God reminded me to open the website you gave. me. And there in the midst of cleaning the closets of my mind – is your journey. You have welcomed me in like and old friend. So dear. Full of detail and contradictions. Full of hope amidst swirls or “skeletons” as you put it.
    Thank you for being there. Thank you for a cup of delightful sharing. Thank you for being you.

    1. So honored to have met you and am excited about the adventure God is about birth through your desire.

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