Letters, Photos and Donuts!?!

I love those sweet little hands.

Yesterday I went to visit with my mom. I had received some mail for her and thought I would also take a photo book that my youngest daughter had made of her drive to Alaska.

Throughout the years my mom has always loved receiving mail and pictures. When we were packing up my parents house we ran across drawers of cards, letters and pictures that she had received throughout her life. She had also painstakingly made each child and grandchild a scrapbook of memories. It was something she took great pride and pleasure in.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

As I delivered the items I had for her she perked up. By perked up I mean she actually diverted her attention away from the television and took them in her hand. She immediately started tearing away at the envelope so that she could read the rich message that awaited her from her grandson. When she was finished with both the letter and the book she instructed me where each item needed to be placed so that she could enjoy them throughout the remainder of the day.

Simple Pleasures.

As we were talking about the details of each she looked up at me from her chair and said,  “Now those are things that can’t be taken away from me.” I asked her what she meant and she proceeded to enlighten me on how growing old slowly steals the things that make you who you are. She mourns the loss of strength and stamina that gave her the ability to take walks with her grandchildren. She also remembers the days of telling me to use my fork instead of my hands, but concedes that even now the ability to do that has been taken.

I tried to remind her that although those things were true she still had a lot of photos to look through and letters to read. She simply looked up at me, smiled and replied, “Keep the donuts coming and I’ll be just fine!”

“Happy, happy, happy” -Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty)

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