Just Be…Me


Every day in October I have woken up purposeful. Since I started writing my 31 Days with The Nester, I have challenged myself to search out and find the Diamond(s) in my day.

It has really been eye opening to realize how much of a day goes by without me being purposeful in each moment. And sometimes quite frustrating when the diamonds don’t just fall into my lap.

As I was driving back to the casa I had the radio on but it was turned way down so I wasn’t really paying attention. I was talking to the Lord about what my Diamond for the day would be.

No sooner had I gotten the thought/prayer out when these words faintly sang through my speakers.

“Be my God so I can just be me.”

They were exactly what I needed to hear. I had just been through a rough spell with my Mom and her health and I was trying so hard to be everything for everyone.

You know; healer for my Mom, comfort for my Dad and peace for my siblings.

I had just gotten in on the tale end of the song so I had no idea who sang it or what any of the lyrics were. The last little bit of the chorus had hooked me.

When I got home I went upstairs, powered up my computer and pulled the knower of all things in internet world – Google – up. I typed in “so I can just be me” and this is what I found.

I hope you enjoy this. No other words are really necessary.

I Can Just Be Me
I Can Just Be Me