Hump Day Humor


The last several days have been somewhat taxing around here.

  • Moved out of our apartment
  • Moved in with our oldest daughter
  • Moved my Dad across Texas to be with my Mom (who is closer to me)
  • And…the building on our house came to a stand still

My mind has been in a constant state of go; so needless to say I’m not getting very much sleep. I’m seriously too tired to be exhausted!

I realized before I rolled out of bed this morning I needed something to make me smile, chuckle or maybe even enjoy a good ole belly laugh.  (Not getting my hopes up on the latter possibility though.)

My first little lip corner curl came before my feet even hit the floor, I had deemed today “Hump Day Humor” day.  Already in a better frame of mind I decided to be on the look out for those things that would let a little funny in.

Here’s what I came away with today…


As I was combing through Facebook today I came across this quote a friend had posted.  It seriously made me chuckle. Maybe because I am so frazzled or maybe because I have actually thought that very same thing.

Then there was this…


My daughter’s lab puppy, Chloe, in the backyard stalking and pouncing on grasshoppers.  She acts like she is after a really big varmint…  So serious!  Made me giggle.

And finally…

We took the dogs out for a walk this evening and we happened upon two little girls playing in their front yard.  They were so excited about the dogs and asked if they could pet them.  As we walked away I got to enjoy a little of their conversation.  It went something like this.

Girl 1: “Okay, let’s pretend it’s still night and you come in and wake me up”

Girl 2: “Okay, and then I’ll say, ‘Why are you still asleep? It’s time to get up'”

I can so remember listening to my kiddos playing in their rooms having those same conversations.  Working out the details.  It wasn’t a belly laugh, but it was enough for me to smile the rest of the way home.

As I put the finishing touches on this I am amazed at how the simplest things can bring a little sunshine (maybe I should say “cool breeze” since it’s been so hot here) into situations that seem overwhelming at the time.  Today definitely reminded me not to take things so seriously that I miss the humor and joy in the small things.  They were small and seemingly insignificant but they gave me permission to give myself a recess break from all the chaos.

I enjoyed it so much this just might become a regular post: Hump Day Humor! A way to challenge myself to find a little humor in the day and then share it with you on Hump Day.

What tickled your funny bone today…I would love to laugh along with you 🙂