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Hump Day Happy


Today was more about those things I found making me truly happy.  You’re going to see by the photos how completely random and unrelated they are. Which seems to be a pretty good description of how life is going right now.

These two totally opposite things seemed to bring peace into a day that had started out with some serious contemplation.  You know…trying to solve the problems of the world and a few of your own crazy issues thrown in the mix. Please tell me I’m not the only person who seems to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders occasionally.

This Wednesday started out that way for me. I had sat down to drink a cup of coffee and tell my woes through journaling. (That’s how I relate with the Lord!) When I found myself sporadically walking into the garage and gazing at my new (estate sale find!) sofa. Upon entering the garage and flipping on the light my heaviness seemed to morph into happiness. It just seemed to help lighten my load. Funny and a little weird I know, but what can I say…a little sofa love can go a long way!


5 Piece Sectional
5 Piece Sectional – all wrapped and awaiting delivery to the new house! When it’s finished…of course.

That little jolt of happy continued through most of my day. Sweep the floor…look at the sofa. Clean the dishes…look at the sofa. Call a dear friend…look at the sofa. I am seriously holding myself back from going in there right now and flipping on the light.

Here is my second picture of “happy”, Weeping Willow trees.

Big Beauty
So Majestic

I have a very vague memory of there being a huge Weeping Willow tree in the front yard of a house we lived in when I was a child.  I loved the way the wind blew through the limbs, the gentle swaying back and forth playing with the breeze. I remember someone telling me you couldn’t see the wind and me replying, “Yes you can. It’s in the Willow Tree.”

Through the leaves.
Through the leaves.

So today as I shared a run/walk with my daughter I found myself smiling as we approached the little pond in her subdivision that is surrounded by Weeping Willows.  Through panted breath I told her how much I loved those trees. I knew right then I would have to walk back down there with my point and shoot camera and snap a few pics. They most definitely had to be a part of “Hump Day Happy”.

I am so amazed at how two totally random and unrelated objects can interject such feelings of peace, comfort and joy (sounds a lot like Christmas). They just make me smile and feel a little lighter. Anything bring a smile for you today? I would love it if you shared.


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