Hanging Xavier


Here is Day 1 of my Diamonds in a Day writing challenge.

Most of you have already heard we just moved into a new home.

Here she is...Casa Crowe
Here she is…Casa Crowe.

So over the last four months I have scoured Pinterest, poured over home decorating and DIY blogs and perused all the hottest online shops for inspiration.

During my hunt I ran across some fabulous, fake animal mounts like these and these. We had lived in the Hill Country of Texas for several years around big game ranches and I had never seen mounts this darn fun. The colors and styles on these faux mounts were endless (and not real – thank you), but I knew Mr. Wonderful would never let me spend big money on a mount!

So I just let it go – sort of.

Then came Xavier (yes I named him) while garage sale-ing with my oldest daughter and her husband. As we were driving through the neighborhood I spotted him just laying there waiting on me.


Xavier is a paper-mache, Black Buck antelope mount. The minute I saw him I hopped out of the car, ran over to him and snatched him up.

When I found out all they were asking for him was $1.00, I literally let out a small squeal. My daughter just rolled her eyes at me as we loaded him into the car. I know she and her husband thought I was crazy.

Although the diamond could be in the price – I mean $1.00 – seriously!

I found it in the day I hung Xavier. He was perfect and he just finished of the space.


The Diamond in that day was the “knowing the secret petitions and desires of my heart” (Psalm 37:4). God knows exactly how to speak to me and make me laugh. He has such a great sense of humor and is truly a Father who knows how to give a good gift (Matthew 7:11).

You see I believe God wants to be seen in the most insignificant details of our lives. He likes to see us smile and He knew Xavier would make me smile.

Now when I look over at Xavier – I know God and I are smiling at each other.