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One of the hats I wear around here is elder care-giver. Both of my parents are in their mid eighties and living in an assisted living home near me. Although this really isn’t the direction I saw my life heading, it is now a very important part of the reality in my little corner of the world. I have shared a few of those stories here and here.

Over the last few months my mom (Tutu as she is known by her grandkids) has been on a steady decline. This is certainly a difficult time in her life and has presented me with a few light bulb moments of my own. It is because of this I have felt a little more sentimental about my childhood and the influence she has had on me.

During her last little episode I decided I would try to find a way to honor her through words. Finally giving her credit where credit is due. (Hope it doesn’t take my kiddos as long as it took me!) So I decided to write about the myriad of ways she has touched my life and influenced who I am.

Once again I am going to attempt a writing series. Putting no pressure on myself to complete a certain amount, but just writing when something about my Mom stands out to me. I have learned in my 50 years to see my Mom’s influences as gifts – even if it was in the last year really. My goal is to share the good and the bad; because let’s face it, we have all uttered “Please don’t let me ever do that like my mom” on occasion. I believe we have an opportunity to learn from every experience, trait or attitude laid before us. So, with that belief in hand I am sharing my “Gifts from Mom”.

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 My Mom received her wings on January 4, 2014 and is now singing with the choir of angels in heaven. These “gifts” have become my way of staying connected. Enjoy!

Gift #1 – Don’t Be Afraid…Create

Gift #2 – Sparkle On!

Gift #3 – The Music Connection

Gift #4 – Legacy of the Sunday Pot Roast


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