Finding Balance in the Spin


I find myself at a loss of words. The world around me seems to be spinning faster and faster. At an alarming rate with which I can not control.

I can not “contain“…

No, let’s try…”find my balance”.

Yep, that’s it! Find My Balance

This fast rotation has put me in a position of just barely holding on at times.

I certainly do not want my words to mislead or misdirect in any way. Life for us is good…great! Steady work, new home, baby grands gracing and enhancing existence, daughters grown and thriving, fellowship of believers and the cultivation of new friends. Just as it all should be.

But yet, there are still some things spinning, whipping past me, catching me off guard just simply because they are part of this life’s process of progression…throwing me off balance!

There are moments when I seem to have steadied myself and can maintain this process of progression. The realities of disease, burying a mother, a lost child and decaying mind of a father fit into this life of great.


images-3Why are there times in my life space this all seems to fit? Where I could walk on a high wire and not be affected by gravities pull and the spinning rotation of the earth. When words flow through to speak peace and comfort to fellow travelers in my experiences.

For me…It is only when I bath myself and swim in the thanksgiving of all that Father has done for me. It is in the gift of gratitude. It is choosing to be thankful and remembering His faithfulness in my past. So the next step is planted on the promise of His goodness.

The only thing I can be certain of is this…


What He has done for me in the past is a plank in the bridge of future life progression. Becoming thankful for those things reminds me He is the same today as He was yesterday. It allows me to stand firmly balanced on the promise of

“I will NEVER leave you, or forsake you.”

I pray that you too will Find Your Balance through the process of being gracious.





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