East Wind is Blowing


These types of post are not usually the direction I take. However, today, this is heavy on my heart and feel it is appropriate for the season we are in.


Fourteen years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11upon our nation, there is an East wind blowing. As I loosened the rope that holds my American and Texas flags taut, I noticed how they waved as the East wind blew across their path.

It has become my habit to make a mental note of wind direction by the way my flags are blowing. So, why would an East wind cause so much attention to me today? As I lowered the flags to half mast and pondered those events of 14 years ago, I asked Father to cover our nation in His peace and comfort. To protect us from those who’s only aim is to do us harm and then I asked for Him to clarify the East wind for me.

I discovered the East wind is spoken of more than any other winds in the Bible; 21 times. When God was going to bring judgment upon Egypt to deliver His people He used the East wind (Ex. 10:13 & Ex. 14:21). It brought both destruction and deliverance, but was used as a judgment against Egypt (a type and form of government) as a warning concerning their hard heartedness towards God.

In Psalm 48:4-8, King David talked about how God used the East wind to break up the ships of Tarshish. When a nation, state, city, community are in harmony with God those that come against it will be smashed, their fear will drive them away because of the presence of God’s Angel Armies.

In these references Father showed me the presence of an East wind ushers in a blowing away of the evil intended against those who had cried out to Him, but it also ushered in a time of destruction for those, both individually and corporately, who had hardened their hearts toward the King of Kings.

The East wind is blowing today. As we remember that devastating day 14 years ago, soften your heart to the King of Kings and call out to Him. Ask Him to restore and deliver us from those who are intent to rise up with evil in their hearts against us as a nation and a people of God.

  1. Pam McQueen

    September 11, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Thank you posting this Stacy, time to be strong in the Lord an in the power of his might. I’m asking the Lord to humble me daily to do his will and not my own.

    Be blessed!

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