Don’t Just Sit There…Keep Movin!


One of the goals I have for this second century is to stay active.  To keep moving, especially when I don’t really want to.  While my daughters were here I was so active and always on the go. When I found myself alone I decided it would be okay to take a few days off and just learn to breath again.  I soon realized it had become increasingly easy to just remain seated.

During one of my yearly exams my doctor expressed some concern for my weight gain and health changes.  When she asked what my eating and exercise regime were, I knew I was in trouble! My “few days” had turned into a few years…

Now here is where it gets real for me.  I don’t really enjoy anything about working out.  I was very active in my early years, but when I reflected on how that looked it always included an activity; basketball, tennis, dancing, snow and water skiing. That’s when the power switch to the light bulb in my head was turned on…it needed to be fun for me.  I couldn’t look at it as a “have” to, but turn it into an activity that would bring me enjoyment.

I’m not sure how this works for others, but God usually drops me little reminders of who I am when I seem to get tripped up.  So it’s no wonder these two scriptures did a pop up ad in my head; my body being a temple (1 Cor. 6:19-20) and running the race with perseverance (Heb. 12:1).  That was all I needed!  I had an epiphany…a 5K! And I would make it a group activity (family, it’s the only group I knew).  As soon as the idea formed in my head I saw an advertisement for a Color Run.  Perfect 🙂

Team Fabulous and Fifty

I searched how to get ready and employed a plan.  I set a goal…to finish! And I had a team to encourage; I mean if you’re going to be the team captain that’s the least you can do.  Right!  On December 8, 2012 I ran the perfect race for me.  It had accomplished it’s purpose.  It fed into my identity of who I am created to be and brought my health issues in check.

I Did It!

So don’t just sit there…get up, keep moving and be fabulous.

I would love to hear how you find inspiration or the guts to do the things your not so crazy about.


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