Don’t be afraid…Create


This is Gift #1 in my series “Gifts From Mom”

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From a very early age I can remember Mom always making something. Each of us have an afghan, stained glass piece, scrapbook or a beaded stocking, tree skirt or table cloth that she has made. Not to mention all the macramé items in storage! When we cleaned out their house I jokingly told my sister we had found my high school wardrobe when we stumbled on a drawer full of old patterns.

If it was trending – Mom attempted it.

Her creative spirit was addicting. She honestly made me feel like she could accomplish anything. Her lack of funds never stopped her either. She was the master at using what she had or could afford. Although I may never really understand how little we actually had – I always felt like we had it all.

Her attitude of creativity has definitely influenced my life as an adult. I don’t consider myself anywhere near her equal in this area; however, her creative spirit continues on. I’m pretty sure each of my grand-babies will receive a handmade “blankie” and my daughters have had their fair share of handmade costumes and wall art!

It pushes me to try new things. It challenges me to think outside the box and it encourages me not to be afraid to try. I have learned – seams can be ripped out, paint can be changed, not everything has to be used for it’s intended purpose and if you don’t like it – that’s okay too.

“At least I tried” were words uttered when projects didn’t quite turn out or when she realized a particular project did not match up to her ability or interest. We stumbled across a few of those projects stashed away too.

I have decided to treasure this gift. When the Creator of the universe breathed life into us He gave us each a measure of this creative spirit and I am so glad Mom helped me tap into mine. It’s a part of my DNA.



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