Diamonds in a Day



This series was originally done as a writing challenge. However, I have found that I continue to find Diamonds throughout my days and so I will be adding additional posts to this series throughout my journey. (updated March 2014)

As we head into October I am going to join The Nester, and several other talented bloggers, for a 31 day writing challenge.

As I pondered what I might possibly have 31 days to write about I really felt challenged to search each and every one of those days to find hidden diamonds. We all know and realize that life seems to sneak up on us and we loose sight of the gems that are given to us each and every day.

As I have travelled this journey I have found there to be one Truth to count on. I am loved with a measure beyond my wildest imaginations. And even though I often overlook the treasures He gives me daily, I know they will always be there – even in the not-so-good, really hard ones.

I hope that you will join me on this treasure hunt and find some inspiration to search out your day until you too find the Diamond.

I’ll add a link to each new post here everyday, making it easier for you to find.

Day 1 – Hanging Xavier

Day 2 – Being Seen 

Day 3 – Exercise Caution When Using Words

Day 4 – The Apple of His Eye

Day 5 – Coffee Newspapers & Nothing

Day 6 – Perspective

Day 7 – Just Be…Me

Day 8 – A Diamond in Two Words – Thank You

Day 9 – Cooking!?!

Day 10 – What!?! I’m the Oldest?

Day 11 – Writer’s Block

Day 25 – It’s In Storage

Day 26 – Family Finds

You’ll notice some days missing. No excuses here…writer’s block and vacation got in my way. Hope you do enjoy what is written though.

The previous posts were part of the original writing challenge. The following posts are the Diamonds that I continue to find through my journey of Staying Stacy.

Sweet Fellowship 


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