Cleaning Closets


Ugh!!! Just the thought of having to clean out a closet sends chills up my spine. Granted we just moved in to Casa Crowe (also known as C.C.) and because of years of purging I don’t really have that much stuff stored. So what’s the issue!?!

I am desperate to have a little corner of space where I can create without it being bothersome to Mr. Wonderful. You know, a place to spread out my sewing machine and work on whatever project is running through my head. A place where pictures can be spread out and organized, arranged and placed in the perfect frame or scrapbook page. A place to kick back and let my thoughts flow through my fingertips onto blank pages filling me with a sense of joy when my heart expresses itself uninterrupted. Or even better, where I can turn up the music, let my toe begin tapping and get lost in the words someone else scripted into the perfect song.

Even though I have plenty of rooms to make that a possibility I still need the room to function as a bedroom. One day, in the near future, all my grand-babies will be spending time with Mimi and The Duke, so I can’t dedicate an entire room to a creative hide-a-way.

A closet on the other hand…perfect.

I thought this project would be so simple and easy that it would be done before my husband got home from work! But not so…

This is where I sit right now with that little idea.

photo 1

photo 2


Everything now sits on the floor, lining the walls of the room or has found a resting place on the bed. It honestly brings me to heart palpations because I can’t get it completed.

I have found cleaning out closets (physically and spiritually) is not easily done. Once the process began I found myself wandering aimlessly through my stuff, getting lost in whatever memory was spurred by holding it in my hands. Before I knew it there were skeletons swirling around my head causing me to loose any sense of completion. Finally, I just had to put it all down and walk away.  I needed to give myself a little distance from it so that I could gain some new perspective on what needed to be done.

photo 3


As I stare at this now somewhat empty closet I know the cleaning out process is not always easy. But often times it is necessary for it to be filled with things that are more useful and productive. I understand not everything needs to be done away with, just reorganized, filed away in a different location or maybe even placed in a bin so that it is not always seen.

The things we place in our closets have helped us become the people we are today. There have been lessons learned; some easy, some hard, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. But they were all vital in bringing us to a clearer understanding of our authentic self. The danger is in hiding behind the skeletons and not recognizing them for what they are…character builders.

So as I go forward with my closet project, I will re-work it so that it is more functional for its intended purpose.

Pinterest inspiration – Country Living Homes!

I will add some shelving for additional storage, place some cork boards on the wall to add inspirational ideas, quotes or pictures and even add some paint and pretty it up a bit. But most importantly, I will not be afraid of what is lurking behind my closet doors.

I will embrace them and thank Father for bringing me through the process and shining His Light on those things so the Truth can be seen and praised.