bloom strong

Bloom Strong


bloom strong

I received this card from a dear friend and was so inspired by its simple message that I framed it. Those two little words bring a smile to my face and encourage me to continue blooming.

As April came to an end and I read this familiar phrase, I asked myself if there was anything about me that needed a little tending so that I could bloom strong.

The spring mantra of “April Showers Bring May Flowers” popped into my head. Every time I hear that it speaks to me about a process of watering, washing and nourishment for the blooms of May to open up to us.

As I often do at the end of a month I started reflecting on things that may need a little tending. It didn’t take long for me to realize there were some things in my garden that needed to be dealt with.

Here is what I gleaned from this weeding process…

  • Learn to accept my imperfections. Although I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139), I need to acknowledge and “let go” of trying to be perfect at everything. Because it is in the acknowledgment of my weakness that I can be made strong (2 Cor. 12:10). Whew…I’m off the hook on the math thing! This might take a little washing for me to get a different perspective.
  • I don’t need to take myself so seriously. This past month has really made me aware of the fact I have a hard time laughing at myself. This whole thing could be tied to the roots of embracing my imperfections. I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to be perfect – translation: being a nice or good girl. So much so, I can’t see the humor in my misgivings. Admittedly…I find those things hilarious in others. Nourishment is in order for this to be able to bloom. “Drink it in”, so to speak.
  • Embrace my childhood. Since the day I graduated from high school I have been trying to dig up these roots. I finally realized they are attached to the vine that I have been grafted in to (John 15:1-6). I need to nourish and water the facts…I am a small town southern country girl who loves horses, cattle and wide open spaces. They are the part of my heritage which makes it possible for me to enjoy the fragrance of blooming strong. I guess you could say it’s the fertilizer!?!
  • Learning to live in community is challenging.  How do I express this without seeming…hum…down right mean! I am not accustomed to having neighbors that live so darn close, people telling me where I can or can not store a ladder and feel the need to monitor my plant selections (if you are a member of an HOA you get this). Not to mention those who have no respect for property lines (even if they are no bigger than a postage stamp)! I guess my small town country girl who loves wide open spaces root is rearing its ugly head. Living in community may take all the resources available for me to bloom strong…watering, washing, nourishment and possibly some weed pulling.
  • I really, really don’t like vegetables or chicken. I know these are supposed to be the healthier choices, but I truly don’t enjoy consuming them at all. After two years of healthy choices and a total of 35+ lbs. of weight loss, I am extremely grateful for their health properties. However, I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl…or I could possibly be a hamburger and french fry kind of girl; either one does not include chicken or vegetables. I realize I have come too far to turn back now, so this one is going to require a lot of watering. Otherwise…its just to dang dry to consume.

Any way you slice it, a heavy dose of Philipians  4:13 is going to be required for all of the above.


2 thoughts on “Bloom Strong

  1. I love it Stacy! Bloom Strong and your blogs are so encouraging to the readers! Keep doing what you’re doing and may the Lord continue to lead and guide you!

    1. Thank you so much. You will never know what your words mean to me. They have have exposed the lies of the enemy…thank you so so very much.

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