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I have grown to love Wednesday’s. Not just because it’s Huuump Day (que commercial)!

Mainly because it is the day I have set aside to Skype with my daughter, her husband and my grand babies!

Sweet family
Sweet family

Since they moved to Alaska, Skype is how we stay connected. So around 6:00 pm I am huddled around my computer awaiting that familiar sound that signals someone is calling.

As I click to accept the call I can hear their little voices saying,

“Mimi, Mimi…Mimi, I see you!”

And as I respond with,

“I see you too!”

Their eyes light up and the show begins.

They have songs to sing, stories to tell and pictures to share. I want to take it all in because I know in just a short time they will be off chasing butterflies – maybe snowflakes since they are in Alaska!

But for the few short minutes we have they are so excited about being heard and being seen and I am honored to give them my undivided attention. Because they know at the call of my name they have my full attention.

The doorbell could be ringing, the dogs barking and Mr. Wonderful could be walking in the door; but they are all I am focused on. They are seeking an audience with their Mimi and I don’t want to miss out on that. But more importantly I want them to know and feel – seen and heard.

In this crazy thing we call life it is becoming increasingly harder to feel that…seen & heard.

After we disconnected the last time I realized this was a perfect picture of how the Lord responds when we call on Him.

When He clicks to accept the connection I am certain the first thing he says is…

“I see you! Now tell Me what’s going on.”

Because He too knows very shortly we will be chasing butterflies, snowflakes, babies or whatever else draws on our attention.

Diamond of the day…



If you need God’s phone number here it is, Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”


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