Whether you stumbled into my world accidentally or were intentional about wanting to know what I’m all about, I’m glad you’re here!

I love the spirit of the curious and feel certain we’ll be fast friends if you decide to join me on this journey of discovery.

We have been called up to MORE. And to get there we will need…
PASSION…It’s what drives the desire
PURSUIT…a necessary action required on our part
PURPOSE…belief that the calling for MORE is laced with intentional destiny

Are you tired of spinning and looking for a place to re-connect and find that deep calling? But you just don’t know how to see Jesus in the everyday of life!

I have been there! Staying CONNECTED is so simple, yet so hard.

StayingStacy is where my pursuit of that very thing is on display. It is what moves me to a place of transparency with anyone who shares life with me. A place where, through uncertainty, I share the fantastic and the not-so-good. Where authentic and honest connection is celebrated.

So, if I can help you connect with Father in honest and authentic conversation, then my temporary discomfort is worth it.

I am not an expert, but I know my journey to intimacy with Jesus is why I haven’t given up on this adventure.

It’s all about RELATIONSHIP y’all…yours & His!

When you passionately pursue His purpose, you begin to see Christ in everything and recognize that He is the center of all glory.

I am truly amazed that He decided to use a small town girl from Texas to find Him in the everyday and write stories that inspire. Using me as a tool to teach others how to follow Him with engaged minds and willing hearts.

I am blown away and humbled that you would want to share in this BIG LIFE with me! Together let’s encourage and love each other on whatever ROAD we’re on.

Passionately Pursued for a Purpose!



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