A Fish(y) Tale


See I touched it!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a fisherman.  So to have a fish(y) tale of any kind is quite a surprise. Even for me.

Although I do not enjoy the sport, my hubby does. So occasionally I’ll let him talk me into a day trip to enjoy some fun on the water. Mostly watching him fish while I read a book sitting under an umbrella at the back of the boat. When I do fish, I’m the one with a bobber attached to my fishing line paying absolutely no attention to it until I realize it’s been pulled under. By that time whatever was on there has escaped with my bait. And because I won’t bait my own hook – that usually means I’m done.

This Labor Day weekend I caved and agreed to go…again. I make it sound like he has to drag me out there, when that is really not the way it is at all. I like being with him so it’s really not that bad. He fishes, I read, we laugh – a lot – so, it is so worth it…most times.

This is where my tale begins! Because of the nature of this trip I came away learning some things about myself I hadn’t realized before.

1.  I am way too trusting! Especially when it comes to things that don’t interest me. Let me explain. When we arrived at the lake, David noticed his trolling motor was busted. Not really understanding the importance of the trolling motor I trusted him when he said we should be fine without it. Only after we travelled across the lake, turned off the big motor did I realize the importance of the “trolling” part.  Without it – we were more or less a buoy drifting in the lake. Virtually having no way to navigate the boat into the areas where the fish were most likely to be.

2.  I don’t pay enough attention to detail! Especially when it comes to things that don’t interest me. Normally on these trips I am quite content to hold on to the boat as he backs it into the water.  It’s really no big deal and is really pretty easy to do – normally! Not this day. He backs into the water and I am holding on and gently easing it off the trailer. But wait, it’s not going anywhere and I can see the bottom of the trailer still attached to the boat. “Is it (being the trailer) supposed to float?” I ask. Here’s the detail part…he is supposed to undo the straps that keep the boat from bouncing as we travel down the road.  Oops!!! Minor detail not noticed on my part 🙂

3.  I am NOT a lucky charm when it comes to fishing! On the last three fishing adventures I have agreed to, something has gone wrong with the boat. Example…motor overheated and the alarm screams at you until you turn it off (this was a stop and go trip back across the lake), next; got all the way across the lake and the starter goes out on the boat (luckily the trolling motor was still intact on this trip so we could troll back) and last but not least; the ignition fell apart and yet again stranded us with no way to get to the fish. Other than the trolling motor on this last trip – no major motor issues. Just a bolt lodged into the back tire of David’s truck leaving us (I really mean “him”) with a flat to fix. My suggestion – if you want to have any chance of catching a fish – don’t.take.me!

4. I should really pay attention to that still small voice! Especially when it comes to things that have not gone well for me in the past. There were several times before we headed out that David asked if I was sure about going. He kept telling me he would be all right with postponing for another day. I came really close to telling him yes, but I didn’t want to disappoint him. I mean what are the odds of something always going wrong! We hadn’t been able to get away and just enjoy each others company in a while, so what could it hurt. Maybe that still small voice needs to add a little volume on occasion. We’ve already learned I don’t pay attention that well, shouldn’t He know that about me already!

The reality of my quirks has given me a new perspective on how I need to approach these fishing adventures. David and I have gotten so much enjoyment out of our little “comedy of errors”.  It has taken the heavy load of work and our other responsibilities off our shoulders and provided a way for us to connect through laughter – albeit at my expense. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


I am now a true fisherman…I have a fish(y) tale. Insert big SMILE here.

  1. Cecilia

    September 5, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    This made me smile–love the photos!

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