Landscaping the Heart

Over the last few months I have allowed myself some much needed rest from the busy-ness of life. Shutting out the world – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram…you name it. If it could talk back to me, share me, redirect me, retweet me, give me an opinion or a “what I ought to do” suggestion, I turned it OFF!

I purposely became very intentional with my time. Giving most of it over to the wonderment of Father and letting Him breathe rest into me and my world. I stopped reading anything other than my Bible and just let His words wash over me. As I stepped into 2015 I found it hard to let go of this alone time with Him. So I didn’t!

Just before the fall season of 2014 David and I did a little flower bed remodel to the front of our home. We enlarged the flower beds, laid some flagstone and stained our front entrance concrete. Unfortunately, towards the end of the year we got sidetracked and didn’t get anything planted before our Alaskan winter hit.

As it turns out, the front of my house very much resembled how my heart was feeling when I decided to unplug. A little thread bare. There were only a handful of plantings left that would renew themselves when the spring season re-emerged. Much like my heart, they had retracted into a dormant season of rest.

During this dormant season for me Father began the process of tilling, pulling and fertilizing my spirit with His love, joy, peace and comfort. Everyday He would water my soul with an outpouring of His Spirit. Recharging the soil of my heart with the Miracle Grow of His Word.

Before long I found myself standing on this promise…

“Those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired.” Isaiah 40:31 AMP

Then it happened…

Such a sweet gift from the Lord.

Flower Bed

One rainy morning as I sat reading and singing to my sweet little baby grand, Caleb, a landscaping truck pulled up and began unloading flowers, shrubs and ornamental grasses. Shortly thereafter a crew showed up and began placing everything in the flower beds.

I quickly phoned David to see if he had set anything up before I stopped progress. I’ve learned to never be too hasty when making those decisions! Although he had not actually put a plan in place, he mentioned he had shown pictures of our empty beds to a landscaper working on his current project. David had asked him to give us some ideas and from the overflow of this man’s heart he decided to bless us because it had been barren too long and needed some TLC.

And so too my heart has been replanted with a beauty from the overflow of Father’s heart. Allowing me once again to open up and share a little TLC with the world. I know as the sun begins to break through the winter and into the spring the blooms that bring color will begin to emerge and paint the landscape of those flower beds and my heart with the vibrance of life.

Hitting the “Pause” Button

This year I have had to say good-bye to two amazing people in my life. They were the core of who I am. Within 9 months I have lost both my Mom and my Dad.

My inspiration…


She taught me how to be beautiful from the inside out.

My Hero…

Cowboy Joe

He taught me how to navigate through life with his Cowboy wisdom.

Because 2014 has been such an emotional roller coaster, I am taking a mental vacation. All of this has left me emotionally drained and creatively bankrupt, so the remainder of 2014 will be spent with some intense and intimate time with Lord. Allowing Him to speak direction and clarity into my spirit so that I can hit 2015 with a renewed purpose.

So with a heart felt “Merry Thanksgiving” and “Happy Christmas” I wish you all the best during this holiday season. I can not wait to meet back up with everyone in 2015 to share all that Father is going to download during this intentional season spent with Him.

See you next year!

Please feel free to look through some of the archived posts until I return. Much love and blessings to all who have stuck with me through this process of building “StayingStacy”!


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