The Re’s of Life

I am in the process of re-inventing relationship with my dad. Since the onset of his dementia I am walking through a season of re-growth with him. (Read more about that here.)


We are having to re-create and re-define how we interact with one another. Although he still knows I am his daughter, my name isn’t so easily re-called.

His past memories seem to be occupying more of his mind lately, so we stroll down memory lane a lot. I have learned to find the joy in that because he seems to recollect memories that bring a smile to his face and twinkle to his eye.

I also have learned to embrace those moments when his mind allows me a faint glimpse of the man I know and remember.

Those times engulf me like a big hug.

One such hug was a day I found my dad sitting at a table with a group of people playing dominoes.

When he saw me walk in he said “hi” with a big smile and introduced me to the group. “This is my daughter, Stacy. Do you mind if she joins us?”

I sat down next to him and he proceeded to kick all our butts…in dominoes!

And he knew it!

I have never been so happy to lose.

This day was such a reminder to me on how important it is to feel remembered, known, and cherished.

It was such a beautiful picture of how Jesus greets us every time we come to the table to sit with Him.

The only difference…

He re-positions us to win every time. (1 Cor. 15:57, 1 John 5:4)

RE is defined…again, or again, and again. Which indicates to me it is an active and continual process.


Legacy of the Sunday Roast

This is Gift #4 in my series “Gifts From Mom”

*** *** ***

One of the things, as a kid, I really looked forward to every week was Pot Roast Sunday. Yum!

Anyone who knew my Momma (a.k.a.-Tutu to her grands) would know cooking was not something she enjoyed.

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Bloom Strong

bloom strong

I received this card from a dear friend and was so inspired by its simple message that I framed it. Those two little words bring a smile to my face and encourage me to continue blooming.

As April came to an end and I read this familiar phrase, I asked myself if there was anything about me that needed a little tending so that I could bloom strong.

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Let It Go…it has a replacement!

Part of mine and Mr. Wonderful’s story is one of letting go. I’m sure “let it go” has been repeated throughout your story as well. And I’m also pretty sure they have been words reluctantly received…

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